Recipient of the Coaches Award 2014

“This year’s coaches’ choice was an easy selection. She has done everything we have asked of her without hesitation, including marking some of the elite players around the league.  For example, she was tasked with the responsibility of marking some of the best players in our state, including Phoenixville’s Lauren Benner, Spring-Ford’s Gabby Vagnozzi, and Owen J.’s Mahogney Willis.  Because of this player’s tireless work and her commitment to her defensive role, she was able to shut down marque players.  Her most impressive performance, for me, was her work against league MVP Lauren Benner, a 20 goal scorer, who was unable to score against us.  In fact, we were only one of two PAC-10 teams she did not score against this season.  In case you haven’t figured it out, Sammy is this year’s Coaches Choice.  She is coachable, conscientious, and committed to the team first and foremost.  Is it an honor to coach her, and I have been blessed with having had the opportunity to do so early on in her career.  Without further ado, Congratulations to Samantha Penny.”  K PaulusIMGP4897